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How 2 Study

Sigma recommends that you adopt active process of learning. Good students are active participants in the learning process. An hour spent in an active study procedure is far more beneficial than an hour spent in a passive process. Effective studying, however, includes activities from both columns in the list below.

Passive Process

Active Process

  1. Listening to a lecture.
  2. Underlining (or highlighting while reading the text.)
  3. Having someone tell you how to solve a problem.
  4. Reading through the solution to a problem in a study guide.
  5. Watching the instructor solve a problem on the board.
  6. Checking the correctness of your answer against “the back of the book.”
  1. Taking notes during a lecture.
  2. Writing review notes and summarizing a chapter in your notes.
  3. Working out a problem for yourself.
  4. Reworking the solution to a problem in a study guide.
  5. Explaining a problem to another student.
  6. Determining whether your answer is physically reasonable.

Do Plan it

  1. Budget enough time!
  2. Go to Class!
  3. Read the chapter before coming to class!
  4. Take Notes!
  5. Don’t recopy notes!
  6. Re-read the chapter!
  7. Work the assigned problems!