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INSAT – 3B ( Special Series 2 )

What is the purpose of INSTAT-3B ?

It is intended for business communication, Developmental communication and mobile communication.

What is the provision of communication payload?

It provides 12 extended C-band channels, each having a bandwidth of 36MHz.

What is the provision of Ku-band payload?

It provides three channels, Having a bandwidth of 77/72 MHz.

How much power is provided for C-band transponders?

15 Watt.

How much power provided for Ku-band?

55 Watt.

What is VSAT ?

Very Small Aperture Terminal.

Who are the users of VSAT ?

These are booking & financial institutions, stock markets, white goods, fast moving consumer goods, and medium to heavy engineering companies.

What is MSS ?

Mobile satellite Service.

What is LAM?

Liquid Apogee Motor.

During first orbit raising, what was the final perigee altitude ?

It was

What is thrust developed by LAM ?

440 N.

What are the apogee & perigee of second Intermediate Orbit of INSAT-3B ?

Apogee – 35662 km. Perigee-32012 km.

What are the parking locations of various INSAT-satellites in geostationary orbit ?

( a ) INSAT -2B & INSAT-2C are collocated at 93.5 degree east longitude.

( b ) INSAT -ID and INSAT -2A are collocated at 74 degree east longitude.

( c ) INSAT -2DT is located at 55 degree east longitude.

( d ) INSAT -2E & INSAT -3B are collocated at 83 degree east longitude.

What is the dry mass of INSAT-3B ?

It is 970 kg.

What are the various tests performed over INSAT – 3B ?

These are vibration test, solar array deployment test, balancing machine test, CG measurement test, acoustic test and thermovacuum test.

What are the important abbreviations?

IRS- Indian Remote-sensing satellite

INSAT- Indian National Satellite

SROSS – Stretched Rohini Satellite Series

PSLV- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

GSLV – Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

To what tank is the special propellant management device attached ?

It is attached to an indigenously developed titanium propellant tank and it ensures bubble – free propellant supply under zero-G environment.

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