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INSAT – 3B ( Special Series 1 )

When it was launched?

On March 22, 2000, at 04: 58 A.M. ( IST ) from kaurou, French Gayana in South America.

Who was its co-passenger?

ASIA STAR of worldspace USA.

Name the launcher, space vehicle.

In its 128th flight, ARIANE-505 launched it.

In which orbit it was injected?

Into a Geo-synchronous Transfer Orbit ( GTO ), with a perigee of 560 km and an apogee of 35770 km and an inclination of 7 deg. with respect to the equator.

What was its initial orbital period?

About 10.64 hours.

What was its initial weight?

2070 kg.

What is its propellant?

It is about 1100 kg. Mono-Methyl Hydrazine ( MMH ) and Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen. ( MON-3 ) to be used for orbit raising operations as well as for station keeping and in-orbit altitude control for the duration of its designed life of 10 years.

With which satellite it is collocated & at which longitude?

With INSAT-2E at 83 deg. east longitude.

What is main body-size?

Cuboid of 1.93 m × 1.7 m × 1.65m.

What about its solar panels?

Length of two solar panels = 14.7 m , Total area = 23 sq.m., Power generation = 1.7 kw.

What is supporting battery?

24 Ah Ni-Cd battery.

What are the antennas?

There are two deployable & there fixed antennas having a pointing accuracy of ± 0.2° in pitch and roll axes and ± 0.4° in you axis.

Who built it?

ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization )

What is its ground control station?

Master Control Facility ( MCF ) at Hassan in Karnataka.

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